About LAC Portland

Why Choose LAC Portland?

LAC Portland has been providing stable, high quality, high performance Linux-based computers configured and supported by GNU and Linux professionals since 2000.

Our Systems are Prepared to Meet Your Computing Needs

Our systems are tuned for your specific needs and arrive ready to use:

  • Excellent pre-sale consulting and post-sale technical support

  • Large variety of hardware and open source software to meet varied needs

  • Meticulous burn-in and hardware qualification procedures

  • Full or partial disk encryption for data protection available for all computers

  • No unknowns or surprises when using open source software

Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

All LAC Portland computers are delivered with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. New Lenovo ThinkPads, ThinkStations, and ThinkCentres are covered by up to a five year parts and labor warranty with on-site support options backed worldwide by Lenovo.